Wednesday, June 20, 2012


♥ Peter Gene Hernandez ~ stage name Bruno Mars .
♥ Honolulu , Hawaii . ( Mom's Philippines , Dad's Puerto Rico )
♥ 8th October 1985 ( 7 years older than me :D )
♥ Singer-songwriter, record producer, model, & dancer.
♥ Pop, Soul, R&B, reggae, hip hop
♥ Drums, keyboard, bass, guitar
♥ One of six children in the family.

♡ Fav. song in his collection : Count On Me
♡ Food : Chicken Adobo ( Filipino Food )
♡ Drinks : Dancing Juice <-- ? haha.
♡ Sports: Football and soccer
♡ Candy : Cherry Starbursts
♡ Colour : Maroon

Here's the list of all of his songs . *( his new songs haven't been updated )

Hi2, :D 
Bruno Mars is my most favourite singer in the whole wide universe!  <-- wow! :D I started to like his musics when i was 18 years old. 

His first song that i heard was the billionaire song. Bruno Mars feat Travie McCoy. <-- COOL combination !

I think he has a unique voice. haha. From that day onwards, i had been downloading his songs such as Talking to the moon, Long Distance, Count on me, Just the way you are, Grenade n many more. 
And now i think, i had 99 percents of his songs. ( old + new songs )
He started to sing at the age of 4 years old along with his siblings. 
He was nicknamed as Little Elvis when he was a kid <--- so cute! :)
I wish i can meet him someday and snap a picture with him <-- so much of a dream huh ? haha
Okay, now im feeling very 'malas' to type. hehe
I'll post about my fav actor on my next post kay? 
Have a nice day peeps! Assalamualaikum :)

P.S : Sorry if the infos given are wrong. haha what to do,, internet's info is not that accurate. I'll confirm them with Bruno once i meet him :P

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